Here at E3 Concepts we help your business achieve Excellence by implementing Effective and Efficient marketing solutions.


01 About us

Everett Johnson

Chief Content Creator

What's Up Family!!! Welcome to E3 Concepts. I am the Chief Content Creator and I am ready to create something for you! My name is Everett, but most people just simply call me "E", husband, father of six, yes six children (4 girls & 2 boys), Director of Ministries, and Entrepreneur.


E3 Concepts was established out of  my  passion for helping others be successful and providing services to family and friends. I started out creating content for churches including, flyers and videos, some that were even featured on local television.


The name E3 Concepts was created out of the name of myself and my boys, Elijah & Ethan. My social media hashtag for many years was #E3, because they are my aces. Why concepts? A concept is defined as an abstract idea or an invention to help sell or publicize a commodity. I am dedicated to creating concepts for each client specific to your needs.

Offering services such as business marketing we strive to give you premier services. 


E3 Concepts helps the client achieve excellence, by implementing effective and efficient marketing solutions. 

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03 services

Neat Computer Desk

Website Development

Whether offering a service, or selling products we build a website fit for you!

Professional Photo Studio

Video Intros

Whether a 15 second intro for your church service or a commercial for your business we create with you in mind.


Flyer Design

If needing to get the word out via social media or print, we create the design for you.

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